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  • Ques- Why do I need a wedding planner?
  • Ans - A wedding planner will save you huge stress during the planning procedure and especially on the exact day of your wedding. They’ll also work as your creative partner, not just managing logistical matters but also providing a wealth of ideas, insights, opinions, and more. Don’t have time to research vendors? Wedding planners do all the planning and legwork. That way, you come up to appointments, approve designs, sample menus, and so on. Also, planners know the best vendors to hire and they can get you great rates… in short, they are there to take the entire burden out of planning and systematize your wedding while still providing you with everything you want for the big day.
  • Ques- What do Hallmark Bliss Weddings do?
  • Ans - Hallmark Bliss Weddings is a full-fledged wedding decoration & production house based in Lucknow, India. We have three warehouses at different locations Sitapur road, Saheed path and Raebareli road to cover the whole city conveniently. Wedding planning section of Hallmark Bliss Weddings has a team of wedding planners and designers who look after each and every detail of wedding planning. We consult, plan, design, produce and coordinate all areas of the wedding. We work with you right from proposal planning to honeymoon planning, stationary selection, managing appointments with trousseau designers, venue suggestion, event-day management and anything in between. Hallmark Bliss Weddings aims to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone involved.
  • Ques- What services do Hallmark Bliss Weddings provide?
  • Ans - The Hallmark Bliss Weddings helps you save time; money and most importantly hassle of dealing with small but important details. We take care of everything from arrangements for sangeet, mehendi, weddings, to design and décor, stay of guests, honeymoon planning etc. Hallmark Bliss Weddings also specializes in providing destination wedding planning services and themed events. We also offer stand-alone wedding services. We will help you with any prospect of wedding planning that you wish for. We also design a package of wedding planning services according to your specific needs.
  • Ques- When is a right time to start planning for my wedding?
  • Ans - Ideally, you should begin planning for your wedding 8 to 12 months prior to the event. Popular wedding services, venues, and suppliers need to be booked well in advance. However, we understand that this may not always be the case for whatsoever reason and we can help.
  • Ques- Why should I have a theme wedding?
  • Ans - Themes add style to an already extravagant and lavish celebration. A good theme can make the wedding more impressive, special and unique. Theme weddings are mostly more complex to organize and often require professional help. Themes can add elements of fun and charm to any celebration. It also helps to add together the various celebrations with related styles, decor, and food. It can be as simple as choosing your favorite color for design and décor or a theme based on your favorite place in the world or that extravagant childhood fantasies you always had. Hallmark Bliss Weddings specializes in creating theme décor for various wedding functions.
  • Ques- What are destination weddings?
  • Ans - Destination weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples those who want to add an exotic twist to their special occasion. Well-executed destination weddings cannot only be cost effective when compared to traditional weddings. They can also turn your wedding day into an unforgettable vacation for you and your guests. Hallmark Bliss Weddings specializes in providing destination wedding planning services in India and abroad.
  • Ques- How does Hallmark Bliss Weddings help me in organizing a destination wedding?
  • Ans - Destination weddings can be hard to organize and manage all by yourself. Hallmark Bliss Weddings helps you plan and coordinate your destination wedding right from travel and accommodation to itinerary planning and guest management, inclusive to the other entire wedding related services.
  • Ques- Do I have a choice to select my own Photographer/ Cinematographer?
  • Ans - At Hallmark Bliss Weddings; we believe that it is important to capture your most important day in the best way possible through photographs and wedding videos. All the efforts you put in to plan the perfect wedding can be worthless if the right emotions aren't captured for you to revisit in the days, months and years following them. We've tied up with a range of wedding photographers and cinematographers for you to select from. After all, couples are free to select from outside our panel as well. We're happy to work with whomever you choose.
  • Ques- What is the cost for wedding planning service?
  • Ans - Our management fee is around 15% of the total wedding estimate depending on the quantum of work, the service to be provided and is finalized after discussions with you. However, the costs savings offset our fees. You will receive special rates awarded exclusively to us by our vendors and suppliers. It is not necessary that hiring us cost you more than your planned budget.
  • Ques- Do you arrange matches… or do you people only plan and coordinate weddings?
  • Ans - Hallmark Bliss Weddings are wedding planners, wedding coordinators and wedding decorators; we are not a matchmaking service.
  • Ques- Do you plan and organize other functions apart from weddings?
  • Ans - Our services are also often used in the planning of other private and social events such as anniversaries, birthdays, kitty parties etc. Our parent company Framework Entertainment Private Limited does all kind of corporate events and other special events. We are delighted to help with any function.
  • Ques- I have done my own arrangements for the photographers, caters etc. Will you be able to do only a part of the wedding?
  • Ans - We prefer to work with our selective partners and suppliers and coordinate the complete event. We have created a great working relationship with our partners over time and guarantee the quality of their products and services. Still, we understand that you shall have a preferred choice of service providers, such as a florist or caterers etc. and we are happy to consider your wishes on a case-to-case basis.